Friday, August 31, 2007

Will a show a day keep the doctor away?

Because we're a busy lot around ye olde Decatur CD, we have another announcement to make. Today, August 31st, marks the eve of one grand quest. Starting tomorow, our very own Young Eliot will begin what he's tentatively calling "This is a Lot of Concerts for Someone with Something to Think About." A wonderful musical reference if ever there was one, but more specifically, it is the moniker of an entire month where he will attend (at least) one show every single day.

Sound unbelievable? We think so. And we hope he doesn't lose his mind or flunk out of school. But regardless, the DCD blog will be there every step of the way, as we're asking Eliot to chronicle his journey as it develops. What does this mean for you, the reader of said blog? Here are some numbers to put "Rocktember" in perspective:

75 bands (or so)
34 concerts
30 days
16 venues
8 cities
5 states
1 man

Obviously, we're pumped, and we hope you are as well. Be sure to check back and check back often for updates as Eliot attempts to do the unthinkable. We salute him and his ambition.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Decatur Book Festival

For the few of you out there who didn't read this on our e-mail list on Tuesday, the Decatur Book Festival begins tomorrow. Take a look at the schedule and try to disagree with our assertion that it's going to be one fantastic event. Two hundred authors will be appearing, and several awesome music personalities, including pop culture genius Chuck Klosterman (who will be interviewed by Paste editor-in-chief Josh Jackson), Kinky Friedman (who received 400,000 votes in his gubernatorial bid for that crazy state of Texas) and Peter Case (who, you should know by now, will perform live at the store on Sunday). Have a look at the festival's official site and its blog for more information. And when you're finished having fun, make sure to come by DCD for Peter Case's special covers set at 5:30pm Sunday evening.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

New release Tuesday - 8/28/07

August's strong second half rolls on, with all sorts of interesting stuff on the way tomorrow. We'll be selling new CDs from all the following artists after the crack of 11am Tuesday:

Ben Harper
Lyle Lovett
The Modern Lovers (reissue...finally)
Anoushka Shankar
Warm in the Wake (Decatur, stand up!)
Aesop Rock
Angels of Light
VHS or Beta
Mercury Rev (reissue)
Jamie T.
The Young Rascals (reissue)
The Honor Title
Northern State
...and more!

None too shabby, eh? By our clock, you've got two hours and twenty minutes to get in any last-moment pre-orders. Otherwise, we'll see you tomorrow...


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Peter Case in-store performance

While you're enjoying the Decatur Book Festival next weekend, be sure to keep Decatur CD in mind. See, we'll be right down the street, doing the same thing we always do. Namely, providing awesome CDs and vinyl to all the good people of the Atlanta metro area (and some choice visitors from out of town). But something particularly exciting to remember is that we'll have the one and only Peter Case performing on Sunday, Sept. 2. Yep, the former member of The Plimsouls and current solo artist/author will play at Decatur CD at 5:30pm. The show is all ages and free, of course, and we'll be providing delicious high-gravity beer as per usual for the 21+ crowd. Mr. Case will be playing a special covers set for us, and it's not to be missed. Later in the evening, he'll play with another past DCD in-store artist, Tommy Womack, at Eddie's Attic. Fun day, right?

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yeah, we got vinyl.

No, we're not going to change the name of the store, but we do have records now. Authentic, gorgeous, made-out-of-vinyl records. Some of the more intrepid ones of you out there may have noticed the collection growing over the last few weeks, but we wanted to wait until it had reached a respectable level before we made an official announcement. So here we are, then. We've got just over 180 12-inch titles, and as of just about an hour ago, we now have about a dozen 7-inch titles (from excellent local label, Rob's House). All kinds of great stuff, including but not limited to the following:

Ryan Adams, Jay-Z, Sebadoh, TV on the Radio, Johnny Cash, Viktor Vaughn (MF Doom), The International Submarine Band, Interpol, Donovan, Sonic Youth, Iron & Wine, Wilco, Kanye West, Sufjan Stevens, Akron/Family, DJ Shadow, Black Sabbath, Bright Eyes, T. Rex, The Stooges, M. Ward, The Beatles, Neutral Milk Hotel, Dire Straits, Pavement, Love, Joni Mitchell, Arcade Fire, Shellac, The Byrds, Gogol Bordello, Ted Leo, and obviously...many, many more.

To see the rest (and, for that matter, the above-mentioned), stop by and have look sometime. Of course, we can -and will, happily- special order stuff that we don't have for you, just like we do with CDs. We're excited to be diversifying the shop just a little bit, and we hope you are too. See you soon...


Monday, August 20, 2007

New release Tuesday - 8/21/07

Tomorrow is a pretty solid release day. It's as if the second half of August feels guilty about a weaker-than-usual first half, so it's making it up for it in the final two Tuesdays. Take a look at this artist list and we'll see you tomorrow:

Over the Rhine
Architecture in Helsinki
Miles Davis (remixes EP)
New Pornographers
Dizzy Gillespie (live)
Travis Morrison
Talib Kweli
Minus the Bear
Imperial Teen
Peter Brötzmann
The Rascals (reissues)
Rilo Kiley
Josh Ritter
Tegan and Sara
Lil Wayne/T.I.
Thelonious Monk (live)
The Mendoza Line (retrospective)
...and more!

Let us know what you need. Decatur CD satisfies. Great taste, less filling!


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Indie retail rules.

The headline says it all, really. Then again, if you come in here, you already know how we feel about that. And yet, despite all this "THE MUSIC INDUSTRY IS DYING!!!" stuff that's going around, we're hear to tell you that Decatur CD is growing. And we're not the only indie shop that's diversifying, spreading out stylistically and plotting world domination. The article below is from a Florida alt-weekly, and it tells the uplifting tale of a Fort Lauderdale shop on the rise. It makes us happy to read stories like this, but just remember, we can't do this without you. Stop by soon and see what we've got on display...

Wait: Local Indie Music Stores Actually Grow

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Ten Best Bands That Never Existed

Earvolution recently posted a pretty interesting story on fake bands. Have a taste of the introduction, if you're so inclined:

"Some of the longstanding 'who's the best musician' arguments are so old they've grown tiresome. Who’s the best guitarist that ever lived? Who’s the best singer that ever walked the planet? Best band ever to ever play live? Despite copious lists and countdowns, no definitive answers have ever been reached..."

If you'd like to see which pretend groups they picked (Hint: One of them is pictured above.), you can read the rest of the story here. For extra credit, leave your favorite non-existent band in the comments section below.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

New release Tuesday - 8/14/07

It's a busier-than-normal Monday, so we'll skip the pleasantries and get right to what you paid for (well, more like, will pay for, hopefully, or something...oh, nevermind), okee doke? Check out these artists on our shelves tomorrow:

Linda Thompson
Lori McKenna
High School Musical 2 (soundtrack)
The Jody Grind (retrospective)
Ian Moore
Matt Nathanson
Nina Nastasia/Jim White
Paul Van Dyk
Dr. Cornel West
...and more!

You know the drill. We'll see you soon.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Decatur CD Art Project continues...

It's been one year, four months and 24 days since the last time we posted about this, and you have all responded wonderfully. A quick glance at the trash can reveals all sorts of awesome stickers from the likes of Elvis Costello, Wu-Tang Clan, Massive Attack, White Rabbits, The Flaming Lips, Sage Francis, Palace Music, The Thermals, Ryan Adams, The Clientele, RJD2, Interpol, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Mastodon, and others too numerous to mention. Your decorative efforts have come a long way since the last time we mentioned the trash can, and we'd love it if you continue. As always, thanks for your support, everyone.

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Puppini Sisters ticket giveaway

This one is for those of you who like concert tickets of the "completely free" variety. As of not too much earlier today, we've got one of those giveaway boxes on the counter. If you drop your first name and phone number in it, you'll reserve your chance to win a pair of tickets to see The Puppini Sisters at Georgia Tech's Ferst Center on August 29th. For those of you unfamiliar with the familial clan, the All Music Guide says it creates a "convincing homage to the heyday of vocal harmony pop in the '30s and '40s." Sounds like a fun night out to us.

Also (and if you're on our e-mail list or follow our MySpace page, you already know this), right next to that giveaway box we have another one for autographed liner notes from Garbage's recent retrospective, Absolute Garbage. Time's a wastin' and the only way you can win these great contests is by stopping by, so we'll see you soon...

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Vote for us at MyFOXAtlanta's Hot List!

myfoxatlanta's HOT LIST Nominated: Best Records and CDs in Atlanta

Apparently, the folks at are letting the many varied denizens of our fine city decide what businesses are the best. Now, we don't want to tell you what to do, but we sure know who we would vote for in the "Best Records and CDs category." So take a minute, check out the site and see what you think. As always, we appreciate your support. Stay cool out there, folks...

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

New release Tuesday - 8/7/07

New releases this week, real quicklike, because we know you want it:

Magnolia Electric Co. (box set)
Peter Case
Billie Holiday (remixes)
The Hottest State (soundtrack)
Okkervil River
Young Marble Giants (reissue)
Zap Mama
The Trials of Darryl Hunt (soundtrack)
The Brunettes
Flight of the Concords (EP)
Jennifer Gentle
Public Enemy
Superbad (soundtrack)
...and more!

We'll see you soon, y'all.


Saturday, August 04, 2007

Now that's the ticket.

Many of you have asked if we sell tickets to shows in the past, and we've had to hang our heads in shame and reply in the negative. But no more! Thanks to our new friends at Ticket Alternative, you can now purchase tickets to shows at The EARL, the Drunken Unicorn, Whirlyball Atlanta, The Loft, Andrews Upstairs, Vinyl, Starlight Six Drive-In (a few big events each year), Sugar Hill and select other shows around town. (Unfortunately, we don't have tickets for Variety Playhouse and Smith's Olde Bar at this time.) Pretty exciting stuff. What that means is that when you walk through our doors, you can purchase a ticket for an upcoming show from any of the following artists:

Ted Leo, Dwele, Holly Golightly, Boris, Estates, Calla, Junior Brown, Great Lake Swimmers, John Vanderslice, Manchester Orchestra, Low, Eisley, Deerhunter, The Everybodyfields, The Brunettes, Matthew Dear, The Dirty Projectors, Dr. Dog, Magnolia Electric Company, Do Make Say Think, Caribou, Two Gallants, Midlake, The Ladybug Transistor, Rogue Wave, Blitzen Trapper, Jennifer Gentle, Bonde do Role, Earlimart, VHS or Beta, Oakley Hall, The Meat Puppets, Sunset Rubdown, Magik Markers, Enon, Jesu, Busdriver, Final Fantasy, David Bazan, The Sea and Cake, Snowden, Qui, Electric Six...and many more!

Now, there is a $1.50 service charge per ticket, but let's be fair here - that's better than certain ticket brokers which shall remain nameless. Besides, the way we figure, this setup is super convenient for you, the voracious music consumer. Stop by the store because you want a particular CD, pick up a ticket to a show while you're here. Pretty sweet, huh? We sure think so. Next time you're getting ready for a gig, keep us in mind.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Shouting and murmuring about Prince

Above: "I'm not listening, Bruce. La, la, la, la..."

In a recent New Yorker piece, Bruce Wagner hilariously pokes fun at the unreal price tag on a certain series of Prince shows. Read this excerpt, then just try to not go finish off the whole piece:

"After Prince stopped playing, the two of us had brunch together. I was sitting so close to the diminutive legend that, as he ate, flecks of his omelette fell into my mouth. The privilege of this intimate meal cost an additional eighty-five thousand dollars, but it was worth every penny."

Great stuff:
Best Seats

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