Thursday, April 16, 2015

Record Store Day! Free Beer! Free Turntable! Used CD Sale!

Record Store Day isn't just Limited Colored Vinyl Day. It's a celebration of the record store and any celebration needs good beer, right? Thanks to Dogfish Head, the official beer of Record Store Day, we will be giving away plenty of delicious Aprihop seasonal ale to the over 21 crowd. And that's not even our best Dogfish Head-related giveaway.

We know it's hard to believe anything could be better than beer, but the groovy turntable above certainly qualifies. To enter, stroll up to Leon's or the Brick Store, who will have a keg of the rare Bitches Brew on tap, and order any Dogfish Head. Not only will you get a scrumptious beer, but you'll also receive a raffle ticket entering you for the turntable.

A free turntable is a great way to get into vinyl, but we know that not everyone has abandoned CDs. Like we said, it's Record Store Day, not Limited Colored Vinyl Day. So, all used CDs will be 50% off on Saturday and Sunday. No matter your favorite format, stop by, have a Dogfish Head, and celebrate the record store.


At 1:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like those turn tables. They have character. My CD player doesn't. The turn table would add a humane nature to my home. My CD player does not. It's just on a near wooden chest of drawers. It's "woodeness" questionable. Some of the CD are questionable too. Or is it this digital environment ... cgi music ... why have the real thing when you can CGI it ... I think it has gone too far. I somehow have connected music that is 'real' with vinyl. But I know as an independent, we have really strange thinking skills - walking away independent, thinking corporate.

And so, we have vinyl something to capture the live sense of a studio, but recorded digital. Better, record old fashion masters (tape) and convert to digital.

We have an MTV problem, I think. We've shot everything elliptically somehow.

Looking forward to more vinyl of the real kind.

"it's the real thing ..." we are looking

At 2:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow - is this really the date? 2015?

I appreciate that this is set up to protect the authors here. This is nice, I think we forget this - in this digital world.

You might like this - Roger Rosenblatt, writing in the New York Times:

Here he is again, on music:


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