Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Making Our Lists, Checking Them Twice

If you got the good-old trusty Decatur CD Newsletter late last night (indeed, we've been burning the midnight oil as of late), you saw our kinda-sorta-random compilation of 2009 year-end lists. Just in case you missed it, though, have a look:

Our Favorite New Food-Based Things of 2009:
Warren: Community Q BBQ
Austin: Miller Union
Eliot: Chick-Fil-A sauce

Our Favorite New Musical Things of 2009:
Dust-to-Digital's vinyl imprint, Parlortone
Reactionary Records
Amiri Baraka's Digging: The Afro-American Soul of American Classical Music (a fantastic read in stock now!)

Our Three(-ish) Favorite Records of 2009:
Warren: Avett Brothers' I and Love and You, The Feelies reissues, Allen Toussaint's The Bright Mississippi
Austin: Phosphorescent's To Willie, Thomas Function's In the Valley of Sickness, Drake's So Far Gone mixtape/Mika Miko's We Be Xuxa
Eliot: Cave Weddings' CD-R EP, de Cylinders' reissue singles, Predator EP

A Smattering of Local Businesses Not Mentioned Above That You Should Also Frequent Because They're Awesoms:
Sawicki's Meat, Seafood and More (Austin)
Skip's (Eliot)
Taste/Mingei (Warren)
Leon's (Austin)
Heliotrope (Decatur CD)
Falafel King (Eliot)
Little Shop of Stories/Blue Elephant (Warren)
Dancing Goats/Javamonkey (Austin)
Oxford Comics (Eliot)
Cakes & Ale (Warren)
Stickfigure Distribution (Decatur CD)

But, as you might imagine, we are far from the only ones getting our list on this time of year. Here, then, is a list of music-themed lists. How meta, right?

KEXP picks the Best Music Books of 2009, mixtape style.

Last.fm published that Lady Gaga took the honors in its 40 Most Popular Albums list.

The No Depression Community called Buddy & Julie Miller's album the best of its 50.

Paste says The Avett Brothers made the album of the year, naming 25 total.

Pitchfork says Animal Collective made the album of the year, listing 50 total, plus honorable mentions.

Pop Matters picked 60 albums, Animal Collective again taking the #1 spot.

Rolling Stone put U2 on top of its list of 25 albums.

Spin also thinks Animal Collective made the album of the year, putting it atop the publications list of 40 records.

Stereogum picked the 30 Best Metal albums of the year. \m/


Monday, December 21, 2009

The Dutchess and the Duke Photos

The days since our in-store performance with The Dutchess and the Duke have kinda flown by, it being that time of year and all. We posted some video the other day, and now, during a brief respite during another crazy-busy day, below are some photos. Enjoy, and thanks again to everyone who came out to see such a great band!

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Atlanta Magazine Names Decatur CD Best Music Store in Atlanta!

"Wow!" is about all we can say, frankly. Thanks, Atlanta magazine! Very cool.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Video: The Dutchess and the Duke's "Back to Me"

This was filmed at Thursday's in-store performance by our friends at Creative Outlet Productions. Great stuff!

(Incidentally, the width of Blogger's margins makes the clip look a little wonky above, so we'd suggest you use this link, let it pre-load a bit and play that sucker in full-screen mode. It's gorgeous!)

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ticket Alternative's New and Notable Shows

Each week, our pal Leila at Ticket Alternative sends us an e-mail listing all the brand-new, freshly-announced, hot-off-the-presses Ticket Alternative shows. And each week we post this e-mail on the blog for y'all's information. Think of it as a sister post of sorts to our semi-regular monthly show calendar postings. Don't forget: You can buy tickets for any of these shows at good old Decatur CD. Enjoy:

Just Announced:
Blame in on the Alcohol @ The Sheraton, December 31

The Constellations @ The EARL, January 9

Jemina Pearl @ The Drunken Unicorn, January 14

The Whiskey Gentry @ Smith's Olde Bar, February 6

Sondre Lerche @ The EARL, February 11

Tortoise @ The EARL, February 14

The xx @ The EARL, March 24 has been moved to Variety Playhouse

This week:
Rooney @ The Loft, December 16

Dashboard Confessional special solo show @ The Loft, December 17 - SOLD OUT (tickets can be won on 99X)

The Dutchess and The Duke. Today. 5pm.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Some Christmas CDs for Your Consideration

[Above: One of our favorite Christmas CDs with an awesome cover influence.]

"It's the most wonderful time of the year," they say. Certain seasonal releases make us inclined to agree. In fact, we thought, given the impending holiday, we might point you in the direction of some of our favorite and best-selling titles. Peruse the short list below and let us know what you need; we keep all of the below in stock at all times.

In the Christmas Groove: From the cover sticker, "Original stone cold soul, funk and rare grooves from Christmas paste, featuring rare festive 45s by Jimmy Reed, Wild Honey, The Harlem Children's Chorus, Zebra, Milly & Silly, Electric Jungle & more." It's so good, people.

Sting - If on a Winter's Night

Bob Dylan - Christmas in the Heart: Reviews have been pretty mixed on this one, from the raving to the, well, the not-at-all-raving. But hey, we all love a little Dylan right? Why not invite the jolly old man into your home like you do with Santa?

Trisha Yearwood - The Sweetest Gift

Where Will You Be Christmas Day?: It's a release from the ATL's own, Dust-to-Digital, which you know means we're psyched about it. From their description: "Just as Goodbye, Babylon showed the many sides of gospel music, Where Will You Be Christmas Day? shows many sides of Christmas – from Jesus born in the manger to Leroy Carr spending the holiday in jail. Some of the artists featured include Alabama Sacred Harp Singers, Butterbeans and Susie, Fiddlin' John Carson, Cotton Top Mountain Sanctified Singers, Lightnin' Hopkins, Los Jibaros, Kansas City Kitty, Lead Belly, Lord Executor, Maddox Brothers and Rose, and Bessie Smith. Together they provide a compelling contrast to the commercialized Christmas we know today."

Andrea Bocelli - My Christmas

James Brown - Christmas: Ten Christmas tracks from the Godfather of Soul for $9? You better believe it.

Sugarland - Green and Gold: Seems like, when people buy this, they can't buy just one. Most folks walk out of the store with somewhere between two and four. It's cool; we don't mind reordering them often.

Sufjan Stevens - Songs for Christmas: Face it, superfans. Dude ain't making another state album. Why not instead enjoy this festive and nifty-looking box set? Plus, $21 for five discs is a crazy deal.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Have Yourself a Meaty Little Christmas: Question: What's better than a song called "Santa Left a Booger in My Stocking"? Answer: Said song features Neko Case.

Bright Eyes - A Christmas Album: We've only got three copies of this hard-to-find release, so get 'em while you can! Critical reactions to it are across-the-board positive.

Yule Be Miserable: From the back-of-the-album blurb: "'Tis the season to be jolly? Hardly! The holiday season is really the time for dysfunctional families, useless knickknacks, and expanding waistlines. Why fool yourself with the run-of-the-mill music of the season and its sugar-coated themes of love and understanding? Add a dash of reality to your holiday proceedings while thumbing your nose at the putrid sentimentality with music that cries out 'back out and leave me alone!'" Featuring songs from Louis Armstrong, Spike Jones, Ella Fitzgerald, B.B. King, Aaron Neville, Billie Holiday and more.

Songs to Make Dogs Happy: Wait, what's that? Well, if it's not a Christmas title, then why do we have it facing out in the Christmas section? Sheesh!

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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Decatur CD's Upcoming Show Guide - December

[Above: R.I.S.E. (formerly known as Rising Appalachai), at a DCD in-store]

It's getting late, so we'll keep this intro short. About a third of the month has passed, but there's plenty to see in the rest of December. Check it out:

TONIGHT - R.I.S.E. (formerly Rising Appalachia) @ The Five Spot
TONIGHT - Mr. Gnome @ Drunken Unicorn
TONIGHT - Tealights, Venice is Sinking, This Piano Plays Itself @ The EARL
December 10th - Crystal Antlers, All the Saints @ The EARL
December 11th - Gentleman Jesse, The Heiz (from Japan), Hawks, Gold Ghost @ 585 Wells Warehouse
December 11th - Randall Bramblett @ Eddie's Attic
December 11th - Brendan Benson, Cory Chisel @ The EARL
December 11th - Neil Hamburger, Attractive Eighties Women, Daiquiri @ Lenny's
December 11th - Baroness, Torche @ Masquerade
December 11th - Rebirth Brass Band @ Smith's Olde Bar
December 12th - Girlyman @ Eddie's Attic
December 12th -The Selmanaires, The N.E.C., Predator, Balkans, Carnivores @ Star Bar
December 13th - Kodac Harrison, Young Antiques, many more @ The Five Spot
December 15th - Forgetters, Gentleman Jesse @ Drunken Unicorn
December 15th - Caroline Herring, Jim White @ Eddie's Attic
December 16th - The Dutchess and The Duke @ Decatur CD
December 16th - The Dutchess and The Duke, Greg Ashley, Cotton Jones @ The EARL
December 17th - GG King, School Kids, Ralph @ Wonderroot
December 17th - B.O.B. @ Smith's Olde Bar
December 18th - Lotus Plaza @ 529
December 19th-20th - Ed Roland (of Collective Soul) @ Eddie's Attic
December 20th - Hope for Agoldensummer @ Wonderroot
December 21st - Derek Lyn Plastic, North Trolls @ 529
December 26th - Eric Bachmann, Liz Durrett @ The EARL
December 26th - Drivin N Cryin @ The Tabernacle
December 30th - Noot D'Noot, Judi Chicago @ Drunken Unicorn
December 30th - Widespread Panic @ Philips Arena
December 30th - Band of Horses, The Dynamites ft. Charles Walker @ The Tabernacle
December 30th - Perpetual Groove @ Variety Playhouse
December 31st - Gentleman Jesse, Hawks, GG King, The N.E.C., Carnivores, Balkans @ 529
December 31st - Black Lips, Missing Monuments, King Louie Man Band @ The EARL
December 31st - Michelle Malone @ Eddie's Attic
December 31st - Band of Horses, Dynamites @ The Tabernacle
December 31st - Gringo Star, The Judies, The Coathangers @ Star Bar
December 31st - Modern Skirts @ Smith's Olde Bar
December 31st - Widespread Panic @ Philips Arena


Monday, December 07, 2009

New. Release. Tuesday.

Honestly, this is a pretty decent week compared to certain others, especially for December. Have a look below and let us know what you need, especially during these holiday times.

Neil Young (live)
Elvis Presley (retrospective)
Paul Weller
Lloyd Cole
Little Feat
Medeski Martin & Wood
Invictus (soundtrack)
Jimmy Buffett
Gucci Mane
King Crimson (deluxe)
John Martyn
Kim Fowley
John Mayall & Bluesbreakers (w/ Eric Clapton)
Snoop Dogg
Glee (soundtrack)


Saturday, December 05, 2009

Pitchfork's Worst Album Covers of 2009

"So, what's it gonna take to get you to drive out of here in one of these today?"

Oh, Pitchfork. Say what you will about the independent-music world's pre-eminent tastemaking publication, but one thing's for certain: Their annual "worst album covers" round-up rarely disappoints. It's a concept that's near and dear to our hearts. After all, we stare at album covers all the live long day, and some of them are very horrible. But anyway, before we go on too long, one of our favorite's from the Pitchfork list is pictured/blurbed above. Check out the rest below.

Pitchfork: Staff Lists: The Worst Album Covers of 2009

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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ticket Alternative's New and Notable Shows

Each week, our pal Leila at Ticket Alternative sends us an e-mail listing all the brand-new, freshly-announced, hot-off-the-presses Ticket Alternative shows. And each week we post this e-mail on the blog for y'all's information. Think of it as a sister post of sorts to our semi-regular monthly show calendar postings. Don't forget: You can buy tickets for any of these shows at good old Decatur CD. Enjoy:

Just Announced:
New Year's Eve with Unzipt @ Andrew's Upstairs, 12.31

Jemina Pearl (Be Your Own Pet) @ The Drunken Unicorn, 1.04

Lloyds Rocksteady Revue @ The EARL, 1.10

Sondre Lerche @ The EARL, 2.11 - On Sale December 4

Tortoise @ The EARL, 2.14

The Reverend Horton Heat Psycho Billy Tour @ The EARL, 2.28-3.01

Jenny Owen Youngs @ The EARL, 3.04

Cymbals Eat Guitars @ The EARL, 3.11

Wayne "The Train" Hancock @ The EARL, 3.19

Coming Up:
Langston Hughes' Black Nativity @ Southwest Arts Center, 12.3-27

Natalie Grant @ Gateway Event Center, 12.3

The I dO Music Event @ Vinyl, 12.3

Davy Knowles & Back Door Slam @ The Loft, 12.3

Jay Reatard @The EARL, 12.3

The Drownout @ Andrew's Upstairs, 12.3

The Elvis Show @ Smith's Olde Bar, 12.4

83rd Annual Spelman-Morehouse Christmas Carol Concert @ Spelman, 12.5

For Unto Us a Child is Born @ Our Lady of Mercy Theater, 12.5-6

Slobberbone, The Whiskey Gentry @ Smith's Olde Bar, 12.5

Trances Arc, How I Became The Bomb @ The EARL, 12.5

Cursive @ Lenny's, 12.7

Land of Talk @ The EARL, 12.8

Tealights, This Piano Plays Itself @ The EARL, 12.9

Rebirth Brass Band @ Smith's Olde Bar, 12.11

Laura Izibor @ The Loft, 12.11 - CANCELED due to ill health

Days of the New @ The Local, 12.12

Old School Saturday @ Westin, 12.12

The Happenstance @ The EARL, 12.12

The Queers @ Drunken Unicorn, 12.13

Leopold and his Fiction, It's Elephant's @ The EARL, 12.14

From Homemade Sister to Magnapop: Swell Benefit for Ruthie Morris @ The EARL, 12.15

Dashboard Confessional Acoustic Christmas (99X) @ The Loft, 12.17 - SOLD OUT

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Dutchess and The Duke In-Store Poster

Young Eliot crafted the excellence you see above. Please feel free to post far and wide on these very interwebs. Let us know if you need a different size or format, or, if you have a real-life place you'd like to hang the poster, we'd be more than happy to facilitate that as well. Just say the word. Once again, that in-store performance goes down on Wednesday, Dec. 16th at 5pm. Clearly, we're excited.

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