Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New. Release. Tuesday.

Oh, hi, gang. It's Tuesday, and you know what that means...new releases! Pretty decent little list below, topped by good old Robert Zimmerman. (Incidentally, click here for more Dylan content than you could possibly ever handle.) Let us know what you're looking for, new or used, fresh or old; we'll get it taken care of.

Bob Dylan
Ben Folds (A Cappella)
Samantha Crain
Joan Baez (live)
Black Crowes (live)
Joe Jackson (live)
Melody Gardot
Chick Corea/John McLaughlin (live)
Tim Easton
Ben Lee
Los Strait Jackets
Pine Leaf Boys
...and more!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"People go to record stores for the same reason they go to the farmers market."

We like Steve Albini. He's an interesting and oftentimes hilarious character who boasts quite the resume and is never afraid to speak his mind. Most recently, though, he caught our attention by penning a humorous and insightful little advertisement for Reckless Records (a true gem of Chicago, should you ever get the chance to visit) that ran in the Chicago Reader on Record Store Day. Click the image below to enlarge it or visit the Reader's blog post to check it out. And if you ever need guifance in finding "the right Neil Young album for this moment in your life," please feel free to stop by and ask your friends at Decatur CD.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

New. Release. Tuesday.

Now, Camera Obscura's My Maudlin Career isn't exactly the biggest release from tomorrow's line-up, but it is playing right now on Ye Olde Decatur CD Soundsystem, and it is also quite a nice little pop record. Meanwhile, there is all sorts of other stuff to enjoy this week. Have a look:

Camera Obscura
Depeche Mode
Allen Toussaint
Manchester Orchestra
Booker T. (with Drive-By Truckers!)
Empire of the Sun
Jane's Addiction (box set)
Art Brut
King Khan & The Shrines (reissue)
The Boxmasters (Billy Bob Thornton's band)
The Greencards
Tinted Windows (supergroup made up of members of Hanson, Cheap Trick, Smashing Pumpkins and Fountains of Wayne!)
Cage the Elephant
Pet Shop Boys
...and more!


Record Store Day photos

Record Store Day was simply great, but you know that if you stopped by or followed our updates all day via Twitter. Great customers, great music, great deals, great beer, great food, great day. We had a great time, if you can't tell. As such, this is the largest photo onslaught in the history of this blog. Have a look; you might just see yourself somewhere below. Click to enlarge if you need the gorgeous, fully-realized beauty of high resolution. Or, you know, if you want Young Eliot's face as your new desktop wallpaper. Enjoy...

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Record Store Day is on Saturday!

See you then! Details from the trusty DCD newsletter:

It all goes down this Saturday, April 18th. What is this "it," you ask? Good question. In case you missed out, last year was a giant success, and we're hoping to follow it up in proper style. The idea being that we love independent retail, you love independent retail, and we'd like to take one day out of the year to share that love. It's Record Store Day, but we're here to celebrate you. You, the discriminating customers that choose to visit us. After all, if you don't get out there and vote with your dollar by buying from local/indie folks, we'll one day wake up to a world ruled by McDonald's and Wal-Mart. Nobody wants that, right?

But hey, don't take our word. Take Jack White's:

"I think it's high time the mentors, big brothers, big sisters, parents, guardians, and neighborhood ne'er do wells, start taking younger people that look up to them to a real record store and show them what an important part of life music really is. I trust no one who hasn't time for music. What a shame to leave a child, or worse, a generation, orphaned from one of life's great beauties. And to the record stores, artists, labels, dj's, and journalists: We're all in this together. Show respect for the tangible music that you've dedicated your careers and lives to, and help it from becoming nothing more than disposable digital data."

Or Paul McCartney's:

"There's nothing as glamorous to me as a record store. When I recently played Amoeba in L.A., I realized what fantastic memories such a collection of music brings back when you see it all in one place. This is why I'm more than happy to support Record Store Day and I hope that these kinds of stores will be there for us all for many years to come. Cheers!"

We could go on all day, but we won't. Instead, stop by on Saturday and have a look around. We'll be here, as usual, from 11 a.m. to however late y'all want to hang around. On that note, here's how we're celebrating this year:

First and foremost, 10% off EVERYTHING. Compact discs, slabs of vinyls, books, box sets, anything that can't be tied down. If you can purchase it at Decatur CD, you can purchase it on Record Store Day for 10% off the usual price.

We'll have some. Probably a lot. You know the drill. Nice stuff, in bottles, on ice, in that good old trusty giant white cooler. We hope you'll drink it and that it'll convince you to hang around and chat with us about music and independent/local business and drinking and Saturdays and good times.

Honestly, there are too many Record Store Day exclusives to list here, but we'll highlight some of the notables. Remember, these can all be found only at indie shops. Best Buy and Target don't get all the deals, y'all! Please note: Some of these will exist in VERY limited quantity. Once they're gone, they're gone. But seriously! Feast your eyes on this list, folks.

Vinyl 7", 10", 12" and CDs from the following:
Sonic Youth/Jay Reatard, Bob Dylan, Guided by Voices, Blitzen Trapper, Tom Waits, Whiskeytown, Leonard Cohen, Flaming Lips, Iron & Wine, Camera Obscura, The Smiths, Brandi Carlile, The Decemberists, Bruce Springsteen, Fat Possum (Thomas Function, Wavves and Crocodiles), The Jesus Lizard, Grizzly Bear, Leonard Cohen, Andrew Bird, Gomez, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Black Kids, Jane's Addiction, Derek Trucks, Cold War Kids, My Morning Jacket, Dave Barnes, Tift Merritt and so many more!

If there's a particular RSD item you're looking for that we didn't list above, reach out via phone/e-mail/MySpace/Twitter/carrier pigeon and ask. We'll let you know.

In addition to these, of course, we carry hundreds of regular titles that are exclusive to independent stores. Those will be here as well, hanging out with their Record Store Day cousins.

Ticket Alternative giveaways!
We've partnered with our friends at Ticket Alternative and they've generously offered up half a dozen shows. We'll have a pair of tickets to each of the following. All you have to do is sign up in the giveaway box on the counter:

Electric Six on April 25th @ Lenny's
Richard Lloyd on April 26th @ The EARL
Tommy Keene/Magnapop on April 27th @ The EARL
The Kills/The Horrors on April 27th @ Lenny's
The Felice Brothers on April 29th @ Smith's Olde Bar
The Dexateens on May 9th @ The EARL

That's about it. It's gonna be a blast. Come visit us on Record Store Day and make a toast to the future!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Michelle Malone photos

Michelle Malone was here on Saturday. Now she's here on the blog. Enjoy the photos...

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Monday, April 13, 2009

New. Release. Tuesday.

Sorry for the blog respite, y'all. Some people around here apparently think they're allowed to take vacations. Puh-shaw! New releases below. More very soon.

Death Cab for Cutie (EP)
Bill Callahan
Beck (reissue)
John Doe & The Sadies
Nick Drake (rarities)
Dizzy Gillespie (live)
Ida Maria
Al Green (reissues)
Medeski Martin & Wood
Simon & Garfunkel (live)
The Boy Least Likely To
Art Blakey (reissue)
Stan Getz (live)
Ella Fitzgerald (live)
Silversun Pickups
Easy Star All-Stars (dub reggae Sgt. Pepper's covers album)
The Monks (reissue)
...and more!


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Michelle Malone in-store on Saturday

We've been telling you about this one for weeks, and now the time if finally almost nigh. Michelle Malone will play Decatur CD this Saturday, April 4, at 1 p.m. If you're not familiar, check out her MySpace page. We'll see you this weekend! From our most recent newsletter:

Michelle Malone's new album, Debris, came out on Tuesday. The All Music Guide calls Malone, who was born in Atlanta and attended Agnes Scott for a while, "criminally underrated," and her new album a "raw and dirty...blues rock outing." Lucky for us, she's going to have a CD-release event here at the store on Saturday. She'll play a little bit and sign the new album here at DCD world headquarters on April 4 at 1pm. We're looking forward to it. Michelle will play Eddie's Attic Saturday night.

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Introducing: Decatur CD Delivery!

We've said it before, more than once, but it bears repeating: Times are tough, and especially in the music industry. Record stores are closing left and right, indie labels are having trouble, venues are finding it more difficult to sell out shows, and so on. It's not easy, and we're all adjusting our business model to weather the storm. As such, we're proud to announce Decatur CD Delivery!

Well aware that you can sit at home and order music from eBay, Amazon, iTunes and the like, we want to give you further incentive to vote with your dollar and support local retailers. Although we prefer that you come to the store and chat with us about music, we'll now happily deliver to your home. On Tuesday and Friday evenings, in fact.

Here's how Decatur CD Delivery will work. You call us and let us know what you want, we either a) take your credit card information over the phone (keeping it on file for future purchases) or b) collect cash or check upon delivery. On the Tuesday or Friday following your order, one of our Decatur CD Drivers brings the goodies to your door. Ultimate convenience!

Speaking of drivers, Young Eliot has worked out a deal with his current institution of higher learning, Emory, to get us the cream of the crop. With the help of the Goizueta Business School, we'll be taking on a batch of delivery interns who in turn will earn school credit for their time spent roving the streets of the Atlanta metro area and helping us develop this new retail model. We've already had several interviews and hope to have the Decatur CD Delivery crew set in stone in the next few days. In the meantime, give a warm welcome to our first intern hire, Preston, who is pictured above.

Unlike many places that delivery goods to your house, we will NOT charge exorbitant shipping fees. Eliot and Warren had one of their trademark arguments about what we would charge, if we would allow tipping and so on. It was kind of epic, actually. Luckily, Austin stepped in and mediated, and the DCD Braintrust decided as a trio that we'll charge 50 cents per order. One CD or 100 CDs, you only pay 50 cents extra, and that's just to cover gas.

Of course, we have to put some kind of parameter on this, and here it is: We'll deliver to anyone within a five-mile radius of the store. If you fall just outside that area, don't fret; we'll make it work for you. We just can't, unfortunately, deliver to places like Marietta and Dahlonega. It wouldn't be economically feasible. Not yet, anyway. The way we're looking at this is that the sky's the limit. If Decatur CD Delivery works in its early stages, maybe we'll start making the occasional road trip to the suburbs!

Phew. My how we ramble on, but what can we say? We're excited about taking Decatur CD to the next level. To our knowledge, no record store has ever tried to pull this off. Maybe it'll be a colossal failure, but we're willing to give it a shot, and we hope you'll take advantage of it. Give us a week or two to firm things up, and send us any feedback you might have. Before long, it'll be time to start the deliveries! We can't wait.

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