Friday, June 22, 2007

Feist @ Variety Playhouse on 6/15/07?

In the last Decatur CD Newsletter, we asked y'all what you thought about Feist's recent show at the Variety. Warren attended, and thought it was pretty great, if a little poppy. In fact, we've hardly heard an ill word about the gig. That is, until one of our subscribers replied to the newsletter and let fly on the former Broken Social Scene member. Here is their rant, unedited:

"Feist was an utter bore at the Variety Playhouse. GRIZZLY BEAR was great and I can't wait to see them again in Chicago at the Pitchfork fest. Here's what it seemed to me how Feist prepared for the show: She went to the last Cat Power show at the Variety and went home blown away, wanting to be like her. She then went to the salon and got her hair did like Chan. She then practiced being funny on stage in between songs (failed miserably). She thought, if Cat Power can get a crowd to do things at my command (like have everyone sit down on the floor - Earl a few years ago) maybe I can too. She can't. And her stage antics were not at all funny. And the band was weak. And the disco ball was beamed with square light instead of a narrow beam and it looked bad. One song was going well and was building up then all of a sudden...nothing. It ended prematurely before sounding like it was actually going to be a good song. Then the crowd went crazy. NONE of us (me + 3 friends) got it. I'd rather see her sing with BSS again - in the background of good songs.

Grizzly Bear: $15 and worth it!"

As usual, we'd like to open this up to everyone. Is this concert-goer insane, or was Feist really not that impressive? We're curious, and would love to hear your argument or agreement in the comments below...

PS - Eliot is still working on his Bonnaroo post, but it will be up tomorrow. Look forward to it!

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