Monday, June 11, 2007

New release Tuesday - 6/12/07

What a leak! No, we're not talking about the new album from Rollercoaster Mondo* or some such other "next big thing" of indie rock that made its way onto file-sharing servers across the globe. Rather, we're speaking of the actual, physical, dripping-water-onto-the-counters leak that just sprung in our ceiling moments ago. You should have seen Eliot and Austin scurrying about trying to find trash cans and paper towels to catch all the drops. It was a hoot! Luckily, our music-loving heroes won out in the end. Nevertheless, sounds like it's time for a call to the landlord.

Oh, and you know what else? Tomorrow is Tuesday, which means it's time to get your fix at ye olde Decatur CD. Stop by and check out fresh discs from all of the below artists and more:

Traveling Wilburys (reissue)
Sonic Youth (reissue)
Queens of the Stone Age
Toby Keith
Mark Olson
v/a (Atlantic Records: House that Ahmet Built)
Sarah Borges
Paula Cole
John Doe
Joan as Police Woman
My Morning Jacket (reissue)
Bitter Bitter Weeks
Peter Case
Danzig (lost tracks)
Dynamites ft. Charles Walker
v/a (Instant Karma: Darfur)

See you tomorrow!

* not a real band

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