Monday, June 04, 2007

New release Tuesday - 6/5/07

Another week, another set of new releases, another tired turn of phrase, etc., so on and so forth, other various whatnot, ahem, ahem, yes indeedy. Uhh, huh? Our apologies, but we're a little out of it. What's that they say about having a case of the Mondays? At any rate, in the above shot (courtesy of our big, blue, Easternmost wall), you can see one of tomorrow's primary releases, a tribute to the most iconic Ella Fitzgerald. Below the following list (which includes a number of other goodies), you can see another new edition to our wall which will be coming out on June 19th. For now, though, here are tomorrow's artists:

Ella Fitzgerald (v/a tribute)
Porter Wagoner
Sun Ra (reissue)
Paul McCartney
A Band of Bees
The Clash (singles)
Chris Cornell
King Curtis
Bruce Springsteen (live)
Moterrey Pop Festival (v/a compilation)
Marilyn Manson
Get Him Eat Him
Frank Foster
Tord Gustaven
Jesus Lizard (live DVD)
Lynyrd Skynyrd (live)
David Bowie (reissue and best of)
Eccentric Soul (v/a - Big Mack label)
Ladybug Transistor
George Benson
Richie Furay
Hector Zazou
The Rubinoos
Roy Wood
Pissed Jeans
Sister Hazel (compilation)
Cowboy Troy
Afghan Whigs (compilation)
Pretenders (expanded reissue)
O.A.R. (live)
Jonathan Butler
Bonde do Role
Junior Boys (deluxe)
Cinematic Orchestra
Sean Na Na
Dappled Cities
...and several others! Just ask below, as usual. And now, your reward for reading this far (or at least scrolling past all of the above words impatiently without reading a single one - sheesh, just relax!), another photo. Enjoy:

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At 9:15 PM, Anonymous Katie said...

IF I lived there, I would purchase an Afghan Whigs album from you. But I do not live there. So buying a cd from you would be a bit pointless, as even though I may have owned it, I could not listen to it. And what would be the use of that? I mean, other than telling my friends, "I recently purchased a cd from Decatur CD." And then people would start wondering why I was in Decatur. But they'd be thinking of Decatur, IL. And Id have to explain the difference, and how Decatur GA does not constantly smell of soy being processed. And that just might get tedious. Although, I guess it's not as if Im too busy or important to take the time to simply talk to people. I dont know... Maybe Im overthinking it

Man, I miss Afghan Whigs

At 12:23 AM, Blogger The Security Chicken said...

Phew! Best.Comment.Ever. Thanks, Katie! And you know, if you want that Afghan Whigs disc, we can totally mail it to you. Just say the word...


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