Monday, May 28, 2007

New release Tuesday - 5/29/07

Is everyone out there having a wonderful and relaxing Memorial Day? We sure hope so. In addition to doing all those fun things the holiday is often known for (BBQ, drinking, not going to your job, etc.), do make sure to take a moment to remember all the brave and heroic folks who have died serving our fine country in the military.

On a less-sobering and typically-Monday note, as per usual, there is a whole 'nuther batch of new music hitting our shelves tomorrow. Take a glance, if you will, at the list of artists offering up said tunes:

Richard Thompson
Cary Brothers
Acid Mothers Temple
R. Kelly
Satellite Party (Perry Farrell)
Herb Alpert (reissue)
Hatfield & Smith (Juliana Hatfield)
Dinosaur Jr. (live DVD)
Michio Kurihara
Jason Aldean
Gary Moore
Johnette Napolitano
Piano Magic
...and more!

By now, you should surely all know the drill. However, if you're looking for something not listed here, want to place a last-minute pre-order, have a comment/complaint/suggetion or just feel like sounding off about something completely unrelated, leave a note below, drop by the MySpace page, send us an email, call us on the phone or just stop by. See you soon...



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