Thursday, May 24, 2007

Art Walk party tomorrow night

Looks like we've taken care of your Friday (May 25) night plans for you. You can thank us later for taking your crazy, unorganized life, running it through a blender and creating a nice, tall, refreshing smoothie of clarity. Um, wHaT?!? Better get to the details before this post gets too carried away. Tomorrow night is the annual Decatur Art Walk, and we're one of the many businesses showing love for local creativity. Here's how it goes:

Where: Decatur CD
When: All night, really, but starting at around 7:30pm, The Floating Coats will perform live music.
What: The Floating Coats! Sheesh, you should really read more carefully. Also, a selection of Atlanta Brewing Company's fine adult beverages. Free, of course. Take a look at ABC's beer and tour pages. Good stuff.
Who: You and all your friends.

That's the haps. If you're not going out of town for the holiday weekend, we strongly suggest you join us for a relaxing evening of local business, music and art. Get out there and support the greatness happening in your community before it gets taken away from you. Hope to see you all tomorrow night...

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