Saturday, April 26, 2008

Record Store Day photos

It was a long day, and a longer week cleaning up and reorganizing after it, but we're not complaining in the least. Record Store Day was a blast! Check out our photos:

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Swing Set himself, Alex Brenner.

Straight outta Decatur...Warm in the Wake.

Blake Guthrie and Nicole Chillemi make their world premiere on stage together...covering Tom Waits, no less! We were honored to witness their first collaborative performance.

One beard to rule them all, one beard to find them, one beard to bring them all and in the darkness bind them: Richard Parsons.

That's a nice rifle you're sporting, but it sure don't beat our Pistolero.

And then there's Warren. After a full day of Record Storing, he likes to dress up in receipt tape and dance around all by his lonesome. This time we caught it on camera.

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