Saturday, September 03, 2011

Exclusive Colin Meloy Photos!

Last night, Decemberists frontman Colin Meloy and his wife, Carson Ellis, delivered the Decatur Book Festival keynote address to a packed Presser Hall at Agnes Scott. We couldn't make it (we have a store to run, people, give us a break), but we're told it was most excellent. And anyway, we weren't worried about missing Mr. Meloy, as he had promised us an EXCLUSIVE photo shoot early this morning. An EXCLUSIVE photo shoot that has now been shot, resulting in the EXCLUSIVE photos below.

Meloy is a good sport, so when we told him it was Dragon*Con weekend, he agreed that it only made sense to dress the part. All of these EXCLUSIVE photos were taken in the middle of Ponce de Leon Ave. right in front of the store earlier this morning, just moments before Meloy and Ellis hopped on a plane and headed west for Bumbershoot. We blocked off the street from Taqueria del Sol (sorry, guys!) to Jimmy John's (ditto, guys!), and a small crowd of several thousand people gathered around to watch. Please enjoy...

Colin Meloy As Some Sort Of Sea Creature

Colin Meloy As Zombie Hobo Businessman


Colin Meloy As Decatur CD's Worst Nightmare

Colin Krueger? Freddy Meloy?

Who says The Decemberists don't rock?

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