Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wilco Pre-Order/Ticket Giveaway

From a recent Decatur CD newsletter...

We've got one pair of tickets to give away for the Wednesday, September 28th Wilco show at Cobb Energy Centre. The winner's name will be at will call where they can pick up the tickets the night of the show with a picture ID, walking directly in after getting them. (It's an anti-scalper trick the likes of which Tom Waits used during his last ATL gig.) As you probably know, Wilco drops its new album, Whole Love, the day before, so we figured, what better time than to connect these two events? As such, in order to enter for the tickets, you just need to pre-order the album. You save two bucks and get a chance at some sweet tickets, we get to sell some music from one of our favorite bands in the whole world. Everybody wins!

Speaking of that new album, check out the sweet cover art:

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Very cool!!


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