Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Deadstring Brothers in-store - Tonight - 6pm

Come have a beer with Deadstring Brothers tonight! From the newsletter:

Deadstring Brothers in-store: Weds., August 18, 6pm
Described by Paste as "Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Gram Parsons in their primes, transplanted to Detroit, laid off from the Ford plant, pissed off and ready to pound longnecks at the local saloon," and by the Chicago Reader as building "an identity of their own with their stolen blueprints, turning in flinty, soulful performances that bring infectious vitality to bluesy rockers and boozy honky-tonk," as you can probably tell, we can't wait to get this Motor City band in the store on Wednesday, August 18th at 6pm. We've got their new record (via Bloodshoot), Sao Paulo, on a listening station, so you should come check it out or sample some tunes via the band's MySpace. This one's gonna be a blast.

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