Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chatham County Line in-store!

Tonight! Decatur CD! 6 p.m.! You don't wanna miss this one, folks. The show later on in the evening at Eddie's Attic is sold out, so if you didn't get tickets for it, this'll be your only way to see the band. Stop by, have a beer and enjoy some excellent music. If you haven't heard Chatham County Line, sample some tunes on the band's MySpace page. Here's what we said in the DCD Newsletter:

On Saturday, July 24, Chatham County Line will play the store. We have the band's new album, Wildwood, available now for your aural pleasure on a listening station here at the store. These folks make new-bluegrass of the highest order and we can't wait to have them here. They'll also play Eddie's later that night.

See you tonight!

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