Monday, March 03, 2008

New. Release. Tuesday.

Guess what, y'all? Tomorrow is officially the best New Release Tuesday of March 2008* so far! There is comedy, goth rock elder statesmen, peppy indie rock, hip-hop, roots rock, country, old-school pub rock, tattooed Irish guys, folk groups, bearded guys originally from Atlanta, a guy that lives in Athens, a lady from Decatur, a legend going acoustic for the second time and so much more. Truly a varied mix, which means there is something for each and every one of you. One of our favorites (really, there are many highlights) is that lady pictured above, Kathleen Edwards. But just look at all the great company she's keeping this week:

Stephen Malkmus
Todd Barry (comedy)
Jim White
Kathleen Edwards
Bauhaus (final album)
Flogging Molly
Caroline Herring
Black Crowes
Alan Jackson
Cadence Weapon
Waco Brothers (live)
Whiskeytown (reissue)
Photon Band
Rhys Chatham
Elvis Costello (reissue)
The Felice Brothers
Jackson Browne (acoustic)
The Gutter Twins
...and more!

* Yeah, yeah, yeah...we know, it's the first Tuesday of March as well, which means it hasn't had any competition whatsoever. Shush.



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