Monday, February 25, 2008

New. Release. Tuesday.

Above: photo by Doug Seymour

What a weekend. If you were here for Rising Appalachia's excellent Saturday performance and/or Lori McKenna's Sunday afternoon set, well, you know. If not, then a wag of the finger is in order, as both were fantastic. We'll have photos up on this here blog sooner rather than later, but first, new releases...

Another nice batch of stuff hitting our shelves this week. There are more than a few great ones coming, but we'd like to point your attention toward Erykah Badu (pictured above) and one particular song from her new album, New Amerykah, PT. 1: 4th World War. The song is called "Honey," and we love it because 1) it's an irresistibly catchy jam and 2) it features an independent record store where Miss Badu sings through album covers from the likes of De La Soul, The Beatles and many more. Have a watch, why don't you (list of new release artists below the video)?

Erykah Badu
Apples in Stereo (reissues)
Cowboy Junkies (reissue)
Dolly Parton
Punch Brothers (acoustic/bluegrass/etc. supergroup featuring Nickel Creek's Chris Thile)
Beach House
Blondie (reissues)
Tift Merritt
Richard Julian
Missy Higgins
Toumani Diabate
Ghostland Observatory
Carl Craig
Kate Bush (reissues)
Son Lux
Janet Jackson
Semi-Pro (soundtrack)
Lizz Wright
...and more!

Hot Chip - Made in the Dark



At 12:09 PM, Blogger SON LUX said...

the son lux record has been pushed to march 11th, FYI. pre-order it now HERE on CD or vinyl.

thanks! - ryan (son lux)

At 2:45 PM, Blogger The Security Chicken said...

OR you could pre-order it from Decatur CD, Ryan. Ahem. Hahaha. Thanks for stopping by, though!


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