Monday, February 18, 2008

New. Release. Tuesday.

Considering that tomorrow (Feb. 19) is such a dandy release day, we're going to do things a little bit differently this week. Not only will we do the usual list of artists (including that guy above, Bradford Cox, singer of Deerhunter, who is releasing his solo record this week under the moniker Atlas Sound), but we'll provide a handy key to help you out. Enjoy:

* This denotes a CD you can hear in its entirety, completely free, on one of our listening stations
# This represents a release we've been lucky enough to listen to a bunch over the last few weeks. We recommend you buy it.
$ This sign next to a title means it was created by a rock 'n' roll icon and/or a dude who used to be in a cool band but has since gone solo.
! This denotes a band of which we now stock 10 different titles.
% This symbol sits next to a guy who was recently referenced in the Decatur CD Newsletter.
@ This represents a DVD that is part of a series (which will soon include Atlanta) that you really should check out.

Atlas Sound *#
Ray Davies $
Allison Moorer
The Mountain Goats !
Bon Iver #%
American Music Club
Nick Lowe (reissue) *#$
Bell X1 #
Foxy Brown
Burn to Shine Seattle (DVD) @
The Epochs
The Raveonettes *#
Seven Mary Three
Paul Thorn
Mike Doughty $
Marianne Faithfull
Throw Me the Statue
Gary Louris $
Porcupine Tree
...and more!

Also, new LPs:
Vampire Weekend
Bon Iver
Bob Mould
The Raveonettes
The Mountain Goats
R.E.M. (live)

Phew. Really, we could have gone on all day, creating a new designation for every artist on the list, but it's cluttered enough as is, right? Hope the key helps. Or, at the very least, hope it confuses you to the point of coming in here to get an idea of just what in the world we're talking about. Until then...



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