Monday, December 10, 2007

New. Release. Tuesday.

They're boxes, see? In a set. A set of boxes. A box set. Get it? Oh, nevermind.

It's not the strongest release day in recent history, but we've certainly seen worse. Plus, with the holiday season all on top of us, you're not looking for new stuff anyway. You're looking for old goodies or maybe stuff from earlier in the year. Ah, but don't miss out on new things from the following. They're on our shelves this very Tuesday (tomorrow, that is):

Radiohead (box set...but not that box set)
Wu-Tang Clan (first proper album in six years!)
Pink Floyd (another box, this one with 16 discs)
Beanie Sigel
Dave Matthews Band (live at Piedmont Park)
...and more!

You know the drill, true believers. Better get into the store while you can.



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