Saturday, December 01, 2007

Happy holidays from Decatur CD!

Kinda looks like he's holding a miniature meat cleaver, no?

Today is a new day. And a new month, for that matter. December, even. They tell us that means it's officially the holiday season or some such nonsense. That means it's time to get in the spirit! And spirit we have. Where is this all going? Who knows, really. But we have been decorating, as you can see both above and below. Austin is our official holiday mascot. Have a look:

Amid all the lights and assorted ballyhoo, we've also unveiled our seasonal music section. It's located in the island straight across from the cash register where we normally keep the new arrival used stuff. If you're looking to get in the holiday mood, there really is no better way to do so than by browsing the 700 and some odd CDs. As usual, be sure to let us know if you're looking for anything in particular. We'll get it for you, faster than anywhere in town. See you soon, y'all...



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