Monday, September 17, 2007

New. Release. Tuesday.

Tomorrow is unofficial box set day. In addition to an awesome four-disc-one-DVD collection of the above legend, we'll also have box sets from a couple jazz icons (see below). There are several other bigger (and smaller) name artists with new stuff as well. Oh, and because Eliot will be sad if we don't say it...Akron/Family. Phew. Check out the list:

Emmylou Harris (box set)
Miles Davis (box set)
John Coltrane (box set)
Mark Knopfler
James Blunt
The Fall (live)
KT Tunstall
Rogue Wave
Les Savy Fav
The Donnas
Jesca Hoop
Ben Lee
Kevin Michael
Counting Crows (reissue)
...and many more!

Now is your chance to get any last-minute pre-orders in. Holler at us via the usual routes.

As a bonus, our friends at Warner Brothers sent along some YouTube clips of Emmylou Harris talking about the new box set. Enjoy:

Emmylou Harris - Favorite Things on "Songbird"
Emmylou Harris - Putting Together Songs for "Songbird"
Emmylou Harris - About the title for "Songbird"



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