Friday, September 07, 2007

This is a Lot of Concerts, Days 1-6

Young Eliot here, reporting live from 6 days into the quest that my blogging buddy the Security Chicken deemed insane. I scoffed in his face at the time, proclaiming that I didn't need such trivial things as "sleep" or "food," but the Chicken is wiser than you might think...

The going got tough on the very first day when the University of Georgia football game led to some nasty traffic on my way to see Bill Callahan (alias Smog) at the 40 Watt. After a harrowing experience that involved a mad dash from a moving vehicle, I finally made it in to the show and though I missed Sir Richard Bishop's set (which I hear was great), Bill Callahan made it all worthwhile. After a slightly shaky first song, the set picked up as Callahan and his band got into a real zone with his unique brand of indie pop. Callahan doesn't exactly light up the stage with theatrics, but he makes up for it with his intensity. Day 1 was a success, despite the best efforts of tens of thousands of football fans, but the naysayers had a point--I was already exhausted.

Fortunately, Sept. 2 presented an easy answer to my exhaustion and the issue of ticket costs, as I caught Peter Case right here at Decatur CD and, better yet, Warren was crazy enough to pay me for it! I shouldn't have to describe the (all covers) show, 'cause we hope you were there, but those of you that weren't--you missed out on a killer version of "A Whiter Shade of Pale" and much, much more excellent music from Mr. Case (pictured above with yours truly).

And on the third day, disappointment struck. I don't mean to be hard on the ladies from Au Revoir Simone, but their set at the Drunken Unicorn left a bad taste in my mouth. Though they certainly had some nice tunes, they constantly complained of the sound and tended to get just a tad bit dull. Oh No Oh My failed to impress me either, but Numbers, a no wave throwback with a fractured sense of melody, saved the evening with a deliciously abrasive set.

Speaking of abrasive, the Coathangers can fall into that category at times, but their music can also be as catchy as anyone's in Atlanta. They found a nice middle ground for their record release party on Sept 4. Though the surroundings left a little bit to be desired, the music was fantastic. Fortunately if you missed the show, you can come down to Decatur CD and get your own dose of the Coathangers via 12", 7", or CD.

Blues legend Buddy Guy provided my fix the following night. Whether he was playing Hendrix songs behind his back or venturing out into the crowd or playing his guitar with a drum stick, it was clear to me that Guy was a showman of the highest caliber. His antics may have made the show an absolutely blast, but it was his complete command of the guitar that made the show great.

September 6th saw the grandiose Tabernacle give way to the brand new venue 11:11 Teahouse (which was thankfully quite easy to find) and Buddy Guy's stage antics give way to the quiet focus of Windy & Carl. Yet, somehow, their droney, psychedelic textures were every bit the match for Guy as far as I was concerned. I spent some time at the Drunken Unicorn earlier in the day, taking in the Other Sound 2007 festival, though nothing particularly stood out, I can heartily reccommend checking out Moresight or Pistolero.

And that wraps us up for now, stay tuned for Pharoah Sanders, The National, Untied States, lots of energy drinks, and so much more!


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Go, Eliot!

Lemme know if you need me to buy you a Red Bull. Or six.


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