Sunday, April 02, 2006

Decatur CD hearts curling

Above: Decatur CD's new mascot and idol, Debbie McCormick

Although we are certainly woe to admit it at times, alas, there is more to this life than music. On that note, anyone else watching the epic contest on ESPN2 right now that is USA vs. Sweden in an all-out curling battle of insane proportions? Phew. We're getting worked up just writing about it.

Sure, Warren thinks the game would be improved by putting it outside so that players would be forced to deal with the elements -snow, sleet, wind, think about it!- and Austin feels like it's nothing more than oversized shuffleboard on ice, but one thing is for certain: These folks are talented. And being The Security Chicken, I appreciate the fact that, though they can't fly, they never fall down on the ice.

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