Monday, April 14, 2008

New. Release. Tuesday.

How quickly new-release time rolls around again, especially when the last update was belated. At any rate, there are several tasties that hit our shelves tomorrow, including a reissue of the above classic. No time for description now, folks. We've got Record Store Day (this Saturday!) to prepare for. Enjoy the list:

Whiskeytown (reissue)
James McMurtry
Brian Jonestown Massacre
Joseph Arthur (EP)
Frank Black
Sally Shapiro (remixes)
A. A. Bondy
The Gossip (live)
Phantom Planet
Air (reissue)
Mariah Carey
Frank Sinatra (reissue)
Hilary McRae
The Kooks
...and more!

Just let us know if you're looking for anything. And look forward to an RSD (April 19th!) post soon....



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