Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Art Rosenbaum and David Stephens at Decatur CD tomorrow night!

We've got a pretty serious treat in store (get it! in store!) for y'all on Thursday (Dec. 20th). Read on...

Art Rosenbaum, documentarian of the mind-blowing Art of Field Recording: Volume I box set that we've been selling like mad, will perform around 6pm. Rosenbaum's legend truly precedes him. Just have a look at his biography. Not only is he Wheatley Professor in Fine Arts at the Lamar Dodd School of Art at UGA (if any of you folks have studied under him, please stop by and say hello), an illustrator of books and a self-taught folk musician, but the man has worked and studied in France and Germany, amongst myriad other accomplishments.

The Art of Field Recording box has been written up all over the place, including the New York Times and Pitchfork, and it's just a fantastic release any way you look at it. Lance and April Ledbetter, the folks behind Dust-to-Digital (they put out the box, and many other amazing releases), will actually be in the store Thursday night as well.

Following Rosenbaum, our old pal and banjo fiend, David Stephens, will play at 8pm. David lives in Brooklyn right now, but while in Atlanta, he spent a lot of time at the Center of Puppetry Arts and here at DCD chatting us up about country music. He even performed once here at the store, plucking his signature banjo and crafting stuffed rabbits. He is a true renaissance man, a self-described "tobacco stain on the face of bluegrass music." It'll be great to have him back.

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