Saturday, May 10, 2008

Decatur CD featured on Not For Tourists!

We received an e-mail the other day from the Not For Tourists people to alert us that we were featured on the site recently. Naturally, we're going to point you to it now, and not just because they call this website you're looking at right now an "excellent blog." All in all, it's quite a glowing write-up, and you can read it right here. If you look closely at the accompanying photo, you can spot Warren and Austin both hard at work. Fun stuff.

While we're on the topic, you should check out another great online city guide called Yelp. By and large, the users on Yelp are pretty experienced and know how to put their opinions into thoughtful words. And hey, if you feel like saying something nice about Decatur CD while you're there, well, don't let us stop you. Our page is located right here.

Thanks for anyone who's taken the time to written about us anywhere online. It means a lot, especially in today's world where many people prefer to research a business on the Internet before actually walking into it. We appreciate your words, and we'll do our best to continue living up to them.

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