Monday, July 16, 2007

New release Tuesday - 7/17/07

Boy howdy, there is something to be said for a tasty sandwich. Here we sit, ostensibly pondering tomorrow releases, but really, all we can think about is how delicious this bit o' Chick-fil-A tastes right now. Recently, in a righteous fit of rage, young Eliot pledged a boycott against the establishment because they don't serve chicken biscuits all day. He's taken his business to Zaxby's instead, where his idiosyncratic food desires are fulfilled consistently. You hear that, S. Truett Cathy? It's time to change your menu hours, lest you never win back the money and loyalty of our blonde-haired, baseball-playing, Japanese-psych-rock-listening, um, employee.

Wow. What just happened? Where are we? Is JFK still president? Maybe it's time to get to the new releases already. Check out this cut-and-dry list of artists that will have new CDs on our shelves on Tuesday:

Chemical Brothers
Magic Numbers
Raul Malo
Meat Puppets
Robert Pollard
Teddy Thompson
Suzanne Vega
David Allen Coe (live)
Yesterday's New Quintet (Madlib)
The Cribs
Minnie Driver
Too Short
Ben Jelen
Emerson Hart
Eliza Gilkyson
Los Campesinos! (EP)
Laurie Anderson (reissue)
Popa Chubby
Steve Kuhn
Rocket Summer
...and more!

As usual, holler at us if you're looking to pre-order, want us to hold something for you or don't see what you're looking for. Thanks...



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