Monday, April 23, 2007

New release Tuesday (4/24/07)!

Tomorrow is another great release day, with all sorts of interesting new discs from a vast variety of genres. Just check out this spread of artists:

Arctic Monkeys
Avey Tare and Kria Brekkan
The Band (best of)
The Blow
Future Clouds and Radar
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Bebel Gilberto
Golden Smog
Mando Diao
Joni Mitchell (v/a tribute)
The Nightwatchman
OOIOO (remix EP)
John Prine and Mac Wiseman
Sly & the Family Stone (reissues)
Patti Smith (covers)
Spank Rock (DJ mix)
Mavis Staples
Stomp the Yard (soundtrack)
...and more!

Pre-order? Question? Unusual request? What time is it? Cheeseburger? Just say the word below...



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