Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New. Release. Tuesday.

Pretty solid release week we've got here. Barring the tornadoes don't KILL US ALL tonight, those of you who have yet to make it in to the store to check out the fancy new bounty will still have the opportunity. Kidding! We're all going to be fine. (Hopefully.) Tornadic apocalypse or no, here's the latest and greatest on the shelves at good old DCD:

Rolling Stones (singles box set, '71-'06)
Emmylou Harris
Steve Earle
Explosions in the Sky
Times New Viking
Florence + the Machine (deluxe)
Poly Styrene
Tab Benoit
Of Montreal (EP)
Bootsy Collins
Thao & Mirah
About Group (Hot Chip side project)
Cass McCombs
T. Rex (reissues)
Holy Ghost
Eric Alexander
...and more!



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