Thursday, January 06, 2011

Alejandro Escovedo at Eddie's Attic on Jan. 31

We have a little joke around the store that goes a little something like this: What Would Alejandro Do? You see, Warren is a huge fan of Alejandro Escovedo, dating back to his punk-rock days with The Nuns, and all the way up to last year's Street Songs of Love. And with good reason! After all, the guy's a musical treasure who's transcended genres repeatedly over the past 35+ years and will no doubt continue well into his sixties and beyond. Also, he is imminently quotable. Witness: "You can't be parochial about music," he says. "I learned that if you immerse yourself in something, listening to records over and over, so it becomes a language, you could learn to speak it. When I began to come of age, and was able to play the music, it became like a religion to me. We were fortunate that radio at that time had no boundaries. It was all brand new. No one knew you couldn't play Marvin Gaye, and then Captain Beefheart, and then Sun Ra. It was all great, and to me, it all made sense."

It is with no small responsibility, then, that we suggest—nay, demand!—that you attend Alejandro's upcoming show at Eddie's Attic on Jan. 31. He's a one of a kind and you'll be kicking yourself for weeks as we rub it in your face how great it was if you miss out. Know that he's also playing Eddie's on Jan. 30, but that one already sold out. So go on, get a ticket, and we'll see you there, all right? All right.

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