Thursday, September 09, 2010

Oryx + Crake, King of Pops, Magic Hat, oh my!

[Above: Click to enlarge the gorgeous poster illustrated by Hannah Palmer and designed by Richard Parsons.]

Looking forward to this one! Please join us Saturday. Details from the just-deployed DCD Newsletter:

Oryx and Crake will start playing this Saturday, Sept. 11th, at 4 p.m. The band has earned some pretty hefty praise all over various Atlanta publications, from Creative Loafing to Atlanta's A-List to Stomp and Stammer to Ohmpark. We're pleased as a handcrafted popsicle (more on that in a minute) to be the first store they play at. We've got their self-titled debut album on a listening station here at the store, so stop by and check it out or try out a few songs on the band's MySpace page.

As we've done with a few previous in-store performances, Saturday's event will support a charitable cause. At the request of Oryx and Crake, we'll have a donation bucket set up next to the beer (more on that in a minute as well!), the contents of which will be going to The Boys and Girls Club of Fulton County. Additionally, the band will be donating $1 of every O+C album sold to the cause, and additionally, an anonymous donor has stepped up to match the amount we raise on Saturday. Pretty dang awesome, if you ask us.

King of Pops will be here as well on Saturday! The popsicle royalty will be showing up around 1 p.m., setting up one of their carts outside the store and selling their delicious wares all day. We're guessing you've had one of these pops before or at least heard the tremendous buzz surrounding them, but suffice to say you'd do well to stop by and enjoy a pop. We're not sure what the menu is going to look like yet, but keep an eye on the King's Twitter page for more info.

As for beer, our friends at Magic Hat are providing that. We're told it will be a mix of their signature brew, the #9, and a seasonal brew called Hex. Click on those names for more about each particular beer, and be sure to follow Magic Hat on Twitter to keep up with their other Atlanta goings-on. We're super psyched to be working with these folks for the first time; may it be the start of a beautiful event relationship for both of us.

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