Thursday, June 04, 2009

Meat 'n' Greet details: Save the date!

We have to admit that we've been teasing you all a bit. If you've been to the store and seen the poster on the front door or visited the Twitter page recently, you may know what we're talking about. Apologies, but we were ironing out the details.

No more teasing.

We're proud to announce that on Tuesday, June 16th, the legendary Meat Puppets will be here at Decatur CD. The band is playing The EARL later that night, but will be stopping by DCD around 6:30pm to perform a few songs.

But, just like any great deal, that's not all! Some important things of note:

* Our friends at Twain's are supplying beer. The beer will be free and delicious and for the 21+ crowd. Not sure what variety just yet, but we'll let you know.
* The event will benefit PAWS Atlanta. Please feel free to bring your furry friend to DCD and don't forget a few bucks to drop into the collection jar we'll have prominently displayed. Consider it a donation for all the free drink and music you'll enjoy while here.
* Ever the generous fellas, the Meat Puppets are offering all sorts of goodies for people who show up. If you are a ticket holder for the EARL show and present said ticket, you get original, hand-drawn artwork from the band. If you buy the band's new album, Sewn Together, while you're here, you get a signed poster. If you purchase a title from our extensive Meat Puppets catalog selection, same deal applies. And we bet that if you buy an album or CD, the guys would be kind enough to sign that for you as well.

Clear your social calendar on June 16th!

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At 9:39 AM, Blogger George Bradford said...


Meat Puppets are one of the greatest American bands of all time (if not THE greatest).

It's hard to imagine Decatur CD having a bigger band in store. Where is "up" from here? Bad Brains? NY & Crazy Horse? Ringo? Seriously, how will Decatur CD EVER top this?

Tuesday, June 16, will be a night of historical significance. I can't wait...

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