Thursday, February 26, 2009

New release...BOOKS!

Straight from a recent Decatur CD newsletter and right into your computer, recklessly and without invitation, utterly literate and totally awesome, here are few new-release book highlights that have made their way into the DCD library recently:

Jimmy Page - Magus Musician Man: An Unauthorized Biography
By: George Case
In this, the first-ever biography of Led Zep's iconic guitarist, Case crafts what Rolling Stone editor Anthony DeCurtis calls "a three-dimensional look at the life of a man who is all too often swallowed by his myth. Best of all, it reminds us why anybody cares about Jimmy Page in the first place: his extraordinary music."

The Road Goes on Forever and the Music Never Ends
By: Robert Earl Keen
This gorgeous songbook/scrapbook/photo album contains lyrics for 24 of Keen's favorite songs, along with tantalizing one-liners from the author himself, as well as documentation of letters, concert posters, journal entries and so much more, not to mention a CD with printable sheet music for all two-dozen songs. An absolute must-have for anyone who claims knowledge of this inimitable songwriter.

Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book
By: Aye Jay
This is the sister book of sorts to the Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book (which we wrote about here previously) by the hilariously creative Aye Jay. Draw tattoos on Henry Rollins, connect the dots on the Velvet Underground's debut album, make your own CBGB's wall graffiti, color Darby Crash from The Germs and more. A perfect Valentine's Day gift for your punky loved one.


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