Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Maybe you've been trying to ignore it, but for good or for ill, today is a holiday. A Hallmark Holiday, perhaps, but a holiday nonetheless. And in this time of love celebration (or, alternately, bitter resignation), Decatur CD is here for you. Regardless of your state of mind this Valentine's Day, Young Eliot and Austin have formed like Voltron to compile a short list of must-have albums (of both the sincere and ironic variety, complete with commentary), for your listening pleasure today. Have a look, and stop by if one of them sounds like your particular cup of Valentine's Day tea:

Sincere: Os Mutantes' Os Mutantes - Because nothing says true love like an album that features a song from a McDonald's commercial. Actually, this record is full of catchy Brazilian ditties. It's the perfect soundtrack for walking hand in hand with your loved one through a park. Share those ear buds, people!
Ironic: Black Flag's Damaged - Putting this album on will (maybe) ease the shock of unveiling to your significant other that the gift you got them this year is a Black Flag bars tattoo on your forehead. Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie!

Sincere: Iron & Wine's The Creek Drank the Cradle - As gentle and forgiving as a lover's embrace, this record is filled with hushed, acoustic beauty. "Lion's Mane" is worth it for the price of admission alone. It's one of the best modern-day love songs, period.
Ironic: My Bloody Valentine's Loveless - A cliche choice, perhaps, but the band and album name are a perfectly bitter combination for Feb. 14 listening. Plus, if you play it loud enough, the swirly guitars will obliterate all those pesky feelings of self-loathing. It's impossible to think about anything else when Loveless is turned to 11.



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