Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy birthday to us!

[Above: Warren Hudson, age three]

Whoa ho ho! We've been having such a great time celebrating our 5th birthday over the last 24 hours that we plum forgot to blog about it. Consider this a quick catch-up, then, for those of y'all not yet in the know. Starting yesterday (Friday), we began our weekend-long 20% off sale on everything in the store, including CDs, DVDs, LPs, books, box sets and, well, you know, everything. Stop by and get a piece of the cheapness!

Additionally, we've got a bunch of delicious, ice-cold, high-gravity beer. If you're reading this post, that stuff is in the cooler and ready to drink. There's a lot too, and as a customer of the store it's pretty much your born duty to consume it (21+ only, of course).

Finally, at 3pm today, The Bonaventure Quartet will play live in the store. Check out the group's MySpace page to get a six-song sample of what Creative Loafing calls Atlanta's Best Jazz Group of 2008. We're honored to have them.

That's pretty much sums it up. Stop by and celebrate with us! It's as much your party as it is ours. Thanks, as always, for your business. The last five years have been a blast. Here's to five more...

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