Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Decatur Book Festival 2008!

Consider this a friendly reminder that the Decatur Book Festival is very much almost just about to creep right up on us. Beginning in just a couple days (that's Friday, August 29th, to be exact), right in the heart of downtown Decatur, this year's festivities will feature three whole days of books, music and community goodness. Former poet laureate Billy Collins and lead Drive-By Trucker Patterson Hood are just a couple of the numerous highlights. Don't miss out, folks! We're going to try to take in a few of the festivities ourselves, but remember that good ol' DCD will be going strong right down the street, should you need some plastic or vinyl discs (or DVDs or music books or televised baseball or friendly smiles or so on). Visit the official book festival website for more information:

The 2008 Atlanta Journal-Constitution Decatur Book Festival

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