Monday, April 21, 2008

New. Release. Tuesday.

Yowza. As we type this, Stephen Malkmus is jam-jam-jamming away somewhere in the middle of his latest guitarvaganza, Real Emotional Trash. It's one extensive noodling session he's treating us to at the moment, one with quite a bit more energy than we have. Needless to say, we're still catching up after Record Store Day. Speaking of which, what a success it was! For an inaugural (first of many, we hope...) holiday, it was absolute tops. Shout-out to all our performers: Swing Set, Blake Guthrie, Nicole Chillemi, Warm in the Wake, Richard Parsons and Pistolero. You were all awesome! We'll have photos and more up on the blog soon.

Of course, the biggest thanks must go to all our faithful customers out there. Words cannot detail how happy we were at the end of Saturday. We barely had time to breathe throughout much of the day, but when the dust settled we realized that, without question, it was one of the best days in Decatur CD history. Free live music, awesome/exclusive merchandise and giveaways, beer, laughs and the best patrons a business could ever ask for. Thank you so much. You are the reason we're somehow still fighting the good fight in an industry where it feels like more indie shops are dropping by the day.

Before we get too misty-eyed, though: new releases! As usual, there are good things to be had this week, including the full-length from those most-hilarious Kiwis above, Flight of the Conchords. We know many of you are already familiar with the duo, as evidenced by the crazy sales of its debut EP. We're happy to say that the new album is just as laughworthy as its predecessor. There are lots of other newbies as well, including a particularly iconic class of reissues (Love, Carole King, The Replacements, Otis Redding, oh my!). Witness:

Flight of the Conchords
Jonathan Richman (It's great!)
Elvis Costello (vinyl-only...for now)
Billy Bragg
Love (reissue)
Lyrics Born
Carole King (reissue)
The Cat Empire
Earles and Jensen (comedy)
Ashlee Simpson
The Replacements (reissues)
Harold & Kumar Go Somewhere Again or Something (soundtrack)
Blind Melon
Otis Redding (reissue)
The Weepies
Tokyo Police Club
...and more!



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