Monday, March 04, 2013

Delicious Decatur

Boy howdy, are we a spoiled lot, food-wise. Step out our front door, throw a rock in any direction, and you're bound to hit a delicious meal. If you're familiar with the area, chances are you know great spots like Farmburger, Taqueria del Sol, Brick Store Pub, Leon's, 246, Twain's, and so on. But have you tried any of the new places yet? Because you should. Let's review...

Native - A Local Food Joint
What: "A Local Joint - Delicious, Classic Seasonal, Regional, American Comfort Food"
Where: 340 W. Ponce de Leon Ave. (AKA: Right next door!)

Chai Pani
What: Indian street food that "brings the rest of India to the table: the colorful, vibrant & exquisite flavor profiles, the innovative regional diversity, the fun, excitement & bright flavors of street food and the simple refinement & comfort of home cooking."
Where: 406 W. Ponce de Leon Ave. (AKA: the old Watershed space!)

What: Tasty sandwiches, spicy ramen "served cold like revenge," craft beer, ping pong, etc.
Where: 340 Church St. (AKA: right next to Sapori di Napoli!)

Kimball House
What: "We hope to add to the culinary landscape and cook with the seasons while taking full advantage of our local southern bounty."
Where: 303 E. Howard Ave. (AKA: the old Freight Room/Depeaux/Rail Kitchen & Bar/Farmstead 303/etc. space!)
Menu (Patience, grasshopper! This place is coming soon.)


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