Saturday, October 22, 2011

Turn DecatuRED

As you may have read on the blog a couple weeks back or in our last couple email newsletters, we've joined forces with the finest businesses in Decatur to benefit 50 Cents Period, an organization based out of Avondale Estates that's striving to create healthy futures for girls in developing countries in need of support for sanitary supplies, facilities and reproductive health education. In doing our part, we'll have a ton of ridiculously marked-down CDs (think: 50 cents-$7/piece), 50% off all used CDs and vinyl $8 or higher, a donation bucket up front for those who'd like to give directly, and finally, we'll be donating 50 cents of every new CD sold that day directly to the organization. The store will be decorated appropriately with red balloons and the like. This is a great, locally based organization, and we're proud to help out any way we can. We hope you'll do the same. In fact, here's a word from Warren about the charity...

"As the parent of a teenage girl, one sees firsthand the physical and mental changes that occur with your young loved one. This can be a difficult process for middle-class girls with all the support systems in place. Parental involvement, no lack of financial consideration when it comes to needed products. These episodes are so traumatic for young girls in third-world countries that, for a cost of only 50 cents/month per girl will keep these young ladies from missing school. School, of course, being the best deterrent to breaking the cycle of poverty. We're gonna raise some money for this very worthwhile endeavor. Come see us on the 22nd, and you can help us roll the trees of Decatur as well. Help us turn Decatur red and green on this day."

Here's a challenge, if you have a special lady in your life, whether she's a sister, mother, friend's daughter, aunt, etc.: Throw $5 in the jar, which will furnish a month's worth of supplies for 10 girls. We've fed the jar, and now it's your turn.

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At 10:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As part of the Turn DecatuRED festivities, I visited Decatur CD for the very first time! I LOVED the store!! Everyone was incredibly nice, we bought 3 CDS! Your enthusiastic and creative support of this this event speaks highly of your store's personality and social conscience! I will be back!!


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