Monday, November 15, 2010

November Pre-Orders

Little late on this one, we'll admit, but if you pre-order enough of the releases below, you'll end up saving enough money to make your own Cash Room like the one above! Get started now:

November 23rd: Kanye West, The Doors (live), Jay-Z (hits), Girls (EP), Nicki Minaj, Dane Cook (hits), Robyn

November 26th (Black Friday!): Cee Lo (12” single), Grinderman (12” single), U2 (live 12”), George Harrison (3LP All Things), Tom Petty (7”), Bob Dylan (7”), Bruce Springsteen (7”), Rocky Erickson (DVD), Sharon Jones (7” box set), Soundgarden (7”), Dr. Dog (7”), Killing Joke (2CD deluxe), Black Crowes (live 10”), Drive-By Truckers (10”), Black Keys (2LP), Iron & Wine (12”/CD single), Gaslight Anthem (7”), Frank Sinatra (Christmas LP), KT Tunstall (CD EP), MGMT (7”), Cage the Elephant (7”), The Doors (180 gram 12”), Pantera



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