Monday, March 22, 2010

Austin's Top Five SXSW Performances

[Above: Chicago band Mickey's frontman, Mac Blackout]

Our bearded buddy and DCD orginal gangsta (reppin' these streets since 2005) Austin just returned from Texas and its annual music conference, SXSW. He had a great time. Below are some of the best things he saw. Take it away, Austin...

Mickey - I was tipped off to this glammy Chicago quintet by DCD's very own Young Eliot. Mickey makes excellent, kinda-sleazy rock 'n' roll that fans of New York Dolls and T. Rex will adore. I blogged some more pictures and words about the band's set here.

Lissie - When this young lady with a gigantic voice finally gets around to putting out her full-length debut, you can expect for her to blow up something fierce. For now, she's got an excellent EP (CD and 10" vinyl versions for sale at DCD!) on Fat Possum. Oh, and she covered Metallica when I saw her. \m/

Hannibal Buress - Going to see a couple hours of comedy might be the best decision I've made in four years of attending this music conference, but the most refreshing set of the five comedians I saw came from this relative newcomer. His online material doesn't do his hilariousness justice, but seek him out and look forward to him coming to town one of these days.

Suckers - This Brooklyn quartet makes the kind of slightly off kilter indie rock that fans of TV on the Radio, Yeasayer and Talking Heads will appreciate. Right now, they only have an EP available, but a full-length is on the way later this year from Frenchkiss. I blogged additional words and photos here.

Bad Sports - Denton, TX is home to a lot of fantastic rock music, and Bad Sports are one of the most recent exports. This melodic punk trio, which creates fast, catchy, Reatarded music, put out its debut LP last year on Atlanta's own Douchemaster Records, and will play the Mess Around in April. Don't miss them. I blogged additional words here, with photos via the increasingly-famous Aaron Richter.

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