Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Used Arrivals!

For years, we've regularly updated this blog with new releases. New releases, however, are not alone in keeping the hallowed racks of Decatur CD fresh. Over the last year, our selection of used records has steadily grown; and, as more records roll in, more titles are worthy of showcase. We still have tons of folk albums, from rare Alan Lomax recordings to obscure private gems like McKinney (above) of Acid Archives fame.

If you aren't in touch with your rootsy side, don't worry. Classic used bin staples like the first Queen records sit alongside 80's college rock and more recent indie offerings like the self-titled album from the Muslims (pre-Soft Pack--pictured above). To top things off, Warren just purchased a sizable collection, highlighted by some great country, blues and jazz--all of which is in nearly immaculate condition.

More used records show up on a daily basis. We'll keep you posted when we can, but the only way to see it all is to come by and browse yourself. See you soon...


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