Thursday, August 23, 2012

Caroline Herring Photos

We had a great crowd on Saturday for Caroline Herring's in-store performance, and even managed to sell quite a few of her new album! Always nice when that happens. It was such a nice performance, in fact, that Warren had a few words to say about it:


Being in the buggy-whip business in 2012 can be quite daunting. While we are definitely in a technological shift concerning the delivery of music, and as that transition causes worrisome thoughts regarding the future of retailing music, one event transcends all of this drama, and that's live music.

Caroline Herring was quite the trooper on Saturday, as she was definitely under the weather, but managed to deliver the goods to a full house of music lovers. It was her telling the stories behind the songs on her new record that truly captivated everyone. Thanks to her and Caroline & the Ramblers last week for bestowing on us a pair of stellar performances.


Caroline will perform up the street on Sept. 7 and 8.


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