Saturday, May 05, 2012

Record Store Day 2012 Photo Essay

Has everyone recovered from Record Store Day yet? Probably, but we're a little slow on the uptake sometimes. After wading through a sea of colored vinyl, Sierra Nevada and awesome people, we've found ourselves two weeks out from the big day without a single blog post recapping it! Let's fix that now, shall we? We shall, and all through the power of Twitter...

Folks were lined up in front of the door hours in advance of our 10 a.m. open time, and the line wrapped around the building, snaking up the alley. Not a bad start!

A few students from WRAS set up a table out front, giving out gorgeously designed buttons, posters and tote bags. They were extremely patient and game when asked to pose for photos, too.

We thought we had a lot of beer—four cases of various Sierra Nevada styles. But folks were thirsty, and made quick work of that.

Quickly, people started tweeting us their purchases. (Pro-tip: We LOVE this!) These are @JeffHaws' records.

@TurnUpYourCity bought his very first vinyl record with us on RSD12! Happy to be a part of that milestone.

This pretty blue platter belongs to @FlintHillSpex.

Tebowie abides. Thanks, @TomLawrence!

Some people even tweeted non-RSD releases, which is good, because we have LOTS of non-RSD releases. This is @CollinsB's Superchunk record.

Oh, hey, we had our best business day in the history of the store! Thanks for capturing that beast of a receipt, @RachaelMaddux! And thanks, everyone, for making this the best Record Store Day ever.


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