Thursday, January 05, 2012

1/10/11 New Releases

Happy new year, everybody; happy birthday, Country Joe. How's 2012 treating you so far? Hopefully swell. We're still kinda catching up in the wake of the holiday madness, but you won't catch us complaining about business. After all, have you heard the news? Album sales are up 4% across the board, the first annual increase since 2004! Now, granted, that figure includes digital sales, but hey, we're still here, so that's cool. And we had our best December ever to boot. Thank you all so much for your support. What do you say we make 2012 even better, eh?

Of course, one thing we might could complain about this week is the complete and utter lack of new releases. But instead, we're going to focus on next week, dropping in this week's best (read: only) release, Elvis Presley's Elvis Country 40th anniversary reissue, into the mix for kicks and giggles. Without any further throat clearing, then, here are (mostly) next week's new releases:

Elvis Presley (Country 40th reissue)
Alex Chilton (1970 sessions)
The Little Willies (Norah Jones side project)
Snow Patrol
Giant Sand (BBB, Cover Magazine, Is All Over reissues)



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