Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tractor Challenge: Accepted!

Here's a quick story about why our customers are so great...

As you probably know if you frequent this blog, we send out occasional newsletters to keep our best customers informed for what's going on at good old DCD. Those newsletters, which never come out more than once a week, and usually not even that often, are the best place to find out about sales, in-store performances, free beer and all the other general nonsense we like to traffic in. Oftentimes, these newsletters are whipped up at the very last moment, when Warren and Austin are half-delirious, so the introductory paragraphs can sometimes get a little silly. Like this one, from our Friday email:
What a busy, busy week we've got ahead of us. Let's get right into it, shall we? Oh, but before we get right into it, Monsieur Warren D. Hudson, His Holiness of DCD Chapel and Wedding Emporium would like to make this offer to each and every one of you. Neil Young's new/old album, which was recorded in the middle '80s and only just released this week as a part of his archives series, is called A Treasure. His band on this countrified gem is called International Harvesters. Keeping these two facts in mind, here's the deal: If you bring us a) an international harvester tractor, which you'll then park in our lot so we can take pictures to put on the blog, or b) a Lionel train set that we can set up to circle the interior of the store, after which we'll take pictures to put on the blog, or c) a piece of sunken treasure found deep under the sea, which we'll take pictures of to put on the blog, we'll give you a free copy of the album. Not bad, huh? Not bad at all. We're tough, but fair.
Now, we certainly didn't expect anyone to take us up on such a preposterous offer; those sentences were selfishly written in an attempt to entertain ourselves and hopefully a few readers who have yet to tire of our antics. But! Lo and behold, a gentleman walked into the store just moments ago and gifted us the lovely International tractor above. For his troubles, he received a free copy of the aforementioned Neil Young disc, because, after all, we're nothing if not true to our word.

And the tractor? Well, it's proudly displayed out in front of the cash register, cuddling with a copy of the CD. Stop by and have a look. Thanks, as always, for reading—and playing along with our goofiness. You guys are the best.

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