Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blame Sally, Beer and a Deal From Eddie's Attic

We've got a fun one coming Tuesday! From the newsletter...

As you may recall from last week, we've got an awesome in-store coming up Tuesday night that you should check out. We'll have some tasty beer in the cooler (summertime brews like Bell's Oberon, Victory Prima Pils and Magic Hat Vinyl, courtesy of the excellent folks of Ale Yeah!) as we are wont to do, and to sweeten the pot, our good friend Eddie (of Eddie's Attic) has made this generous offer: Anyone who comes to the in-store, likes what they see and wants to watch it with a full band at Eddie's later in the evening can get into the show for half price. The tickets for the show are $15, so you can pay $7.50 just by stopping by Decatur CD! Not bad, right? If you want the half-price ticket, be sure to tell us after the performance here at the store so we can put your name on the list.

Blame Sally In-Store
Comprising four Bay Area women in the their forties and fifties, Blame Sally is an excellent, rootsy outfit, and we're quite taken with their new album, Speeding Ticket and a Valentine. So taken, in fact, that we put it on a listening station. What's more, when the band comes to town on Tuesday to play Eddie's Attic up the street, they'll stop by here and treat us to an in-store at 6:30 p.m. They're just lovely, and we're not the only ones who dig it; the All Music Guide heaps heavy praise upon the band's "acoustic guitars, piano, and creamy close harmonies predominate, with occasional hints of banjo and lap steel fleshing out the politely folk-rock arrangements." Plus, they're extremely accessible. As multi-instrumentalist Renee Harcourt says on the band's website: "There are a lot of people who become really connected to us, and fascinated by, 'Ooh, what's their story?' We've had fanatical fans in their 40s and older, and also plenty of young girls who've been super into it. Just thinking that's cool: 'Wow, that could be my mom!'" Sample some of each of their albums on the Blame Sally website, or check out the new one on our listening station the next time you're in the store.

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