Saturday, April 09, 2011

Two Caroline Herring Release Shows at Eddie's Attic

Perhaps you've heard of Kickstarter, the self-proclaimed "largest funding platform in the world." It's a website that's helped myriad artistic projects around Georgia, from Chunklet's Indie Cred Test book to Kevn Kinney's upcoming album. It's a great site, where worthy artists can raise money for myriad endeavors, and those that contribute are treated to excellent rewards.

One of the latest Kickstarter success stories is Decatur's own Caroline Herring. We've been big supporters of her for a while, so seeing that her forthcoming album was more than doubly funded by friends and fans was an excellent thing indeed. It's a children's album called The Little House Songs, and we'll let Caroline's blurb from her Kickstarter page describe it:

"Last fall I decided to write an album of songs based on my children's favorite books. After sitting down with a big stack of them, I realized I simply couldn't get past the book on the top of the stack, The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton. “Once upon a time there was a little house, way out in the country…” The small and sturdy pink house wonders about those city lights far in the distance, and Burton describes and illustrates in great and wondrous detail how the city comes to surround her. Is there a way out for a dilapidated little house that longs to see the stars again? Described as one of the most beloved children’s books of the 20th century, The Little House inspired me as a child. Both of my children, Carrie and Sam, love the book as much as I did."

To celebrate, Caroline is playing two shows at Eddie's Attic next weekend. Here's the low down, via her website: "Come to Caroline's huge CD release party for her new children's album, The Little House Songs, based on the book The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton. There will be two shows on Saturday, April 16th at Eddie's Attic. Children of all ages are welcome! Caroline and her quartet will also have a show on Friday night, April 15th for those who like her music for adults..."

Sounds like fun to us! See you there, folks.

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