Tuesday, September 21, 2010

UPDATE: Dale Watson & Community BBQ time change. Plus, a sale!

Pardon the interruption, but tonight's times have change. Because of the inconvenience, starting at 6pm, everything in the store is 10% off until closing. At 7:30pm, we'll have the pulled-pork sliders from Community. At 8pm, Dale Watson will perform. Thanks, hope to see you then!

Dale Watson In-Store Performance
On Wednesday, September 22nd at 8pm, we'll have legendary alt-country songwriter Dale Watson, a man the All Music Guide describes thusly: "A staunch adherent of old-style honky tonk and Bakersfield country, Dale Watson has positioned himself as a tattooed, stubbornly independent outsider only interested in recording authentic country music. As a result, but his music has been championed by numerous critics and alternative country fans." Count us as the latter! He'll play a full set at Smith's Olde Bar later that night.

Also, pulled pork sliders!
Our friends at Community Q BBQ will be bringing us a batch of pulled pork sliders for the Dale Watson in-store. Delicious, and they aren't even on the menu! Speaking of the menu, you should all click right here and check it out. A lot of folks have been saying a lot of nice things about Community, and we agree: It's easily some of the best barbecue in all of Atlanta. We're proud to get to serve some of it up alongside Dale Watson.

We'll have some tasty beer as well, of course, for the 21+ set.

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