Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Decatur CD's Upcoming Show Guide - December

[Above: R.I.S.E. (formerly known as Rising Appalachai), at a DCD in-store]

It's getting late, so we'll keep this intro short. About a third of the month has passed, but there's plenty to see in the rest of December. Check it out:

TONIGHT - R.I.S.E. (formerly Rising Appalachia) @ The Five Spot
TONIGHT - Mr. Gnome @ Drunken Unicorn
TONIGHT - Tealights, Venice is Sinking, This Piano Plays Itself @ The EARL
December 10th - Crystal Antlers, All the Saints @ The EARL
December 11th - Gentleman Jesse, The Heiz (from Japan), Hawks, Gold Ghost @ 585 Wells Warehouse
December 11th - Randall Bramblett @ Eddie's Attic
December 11th - Brendan Benson, Cory Chisel @ The EARL
December 11th - Neil Hamburger, Attractive Eighties Women, Daiquiri @ Lenny's
December 11th - Baroness, Torche @ Masquerade
December 11th - Rebirth Brass Band @ Smith's Olde Bar
December 12th - Girlyman @ Eddie's Attic
December 12th -The Selmanaires, The N.E.C., Predator, Balkans, Carnivores @ Star Bar
December 13th - Kodac Harrison, Young Antiques, many more @ The Five Spot
December 15th - Forgetters, Gentleman Jesse @ Drunken Unicorn
December 15th - Caroline Herring, Jim White @ Eddie's Attic
December 16th - The Dutchess and The Duke @ Decatur CD
December 16th - The Dutchess and The Duke, Greg Ashley, Cotton Jones @ The EARL
December 17th - GG King, School Kids, Ralph @ Wonderroot
December 17th - B.O.B. @ Smith's Olde Bar
December 18th - Lotus Plaza @ 529
December 19th-20th - Ed Roland (of Collective Soul) @ Eddie's Attic
December 20th - Hope for Agoldensummer @ Wonderroot
December 21st - Derek Lyn Plastic, North Trolls @ 529
December 26th - Eric Bachmann, Liz Durrett @ The EARL
December 26th - Drivin N Cryin @ The Tabernacle
December 30th - Noot D'Noot, Judi Chicago @ Drunken Unicorn
December 30th - Widespread Panic @ Philips Arena
December 30th - Band of Horses, The Dynamites ft. Charles Walker @ The Tabernacle
December 30th - Perpetual Groove @ Variety Playhouse
December 31st - Gentleman Jesse, Hawks, GG King, The N.E.C., Carnivores, Balkans @ 529
December 31st - Black Lips, Missing Monuments, King Louie Man Band @ The EARL
December 31st - Michelle Malone @ Eddie's Attic
December 31st - Band of Horses, Dynamites @ The Tabernacle
December 31st - Gringo Star, The Judies, The Coathangers @ Star Bar
December 31st - Modern Skirts @ Smith's Olde Bar
December 31st - Widespread Panic @ Philips Arena



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