Friday, August 07, 2009

Celebrate Man Day tomorrow at Ink and Dagger

[Above: Click to see "man size" flyer]

A good customer of ours named Russ who works at Ink & Dagger Tattoo Parlour on College Ave. tipped us off to a fun day of manly activities I&D will be hosting tomorrow. Man Day, as they're calling it, will feature a human dart board, cornhole, live tigers (!!!), an arm wrestling showdown, a beard and mustache contest, free tattoos, bobbing for lobsters and myriad other utterly manly things to see and do. Tattooing starts at 12pm, events kick off at 3pm and the after party (at East Atlanta's Graveyard Tavern) begins at 9pm. Basically, Ink & Dagger has your whole Saturday planned out for you, men. But don't think that you can't bring the ladies; they are more than welcome. Sounds like a good time to us. Check out the video of Man Day preparations below (a Man Day trailer, if you will), and "celebrate all things macho" on Saturday at Ink & Dagger. Tell 'em Decatur CD sent you!

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